Winner's Stories


What are the odds??!!
Yvette M. from Aurora stopped by the Denver claims office on Feb. 24 to collect a $40,000 prize, so imagine our surprise when she returned on Feb. 26, her birthday, with another $10,000 winner! Both lucky tickets were purchased at the same Shell station on Tower near Hampden. She plans to have a very happy belated birthday in Reno.


Jose F. from North Glenn said the folks in his office will often do a Powerball pool, but his co-worker Kent bought him this Merry Multiplier ticket a couple months ago as kind of a joke. Well, he's laughing all the way to the bank! Jose says he'll use it as part of a down-payment on a house. Congratulations!


It didn't take long for Milagros P. from Colorado Springs to figure out she'd won a cool $2 million on Powerball Wednesday night. 
She used our shiny new Jackpot mobile app on her iPad, and screamed when she matched 5 numbers with the Powerplay!
Milagros has been a Lottery fan since 1989. She played a Quick Pick on the winning ticket, and says she plans to pay some bills and help out her family.