Scratch Wrap

Wrap your $5, $10 and $20 Scratch ticket gifts in fun Scratch wrap.  Scratch games must be sized 4" x 8" to fit correctly. Be sure to print the file at full size, and cut along the edges. Use a little tape, and voila! You've instant Scratch wrap!


Holiday I

Holiday II

Holiday III

Holiday IV

Holiday V

Holiday VI

Holiday VII

Birthday - Congrats

Birthday I

Birthday II

Birthday III

Birthday IV

Birthday V

Birthday VI


Father's Day

Father's Day I

Father's Day II

Fourth of July

Fourth of July I

Fourth of July II

Fourth of July III

Generic - Congrats

Generic I

Generic II

Generic III

Generic IV


Halloween I

Halloween 2

Halloween 3


Lottery I

Lottery II

Mother's Day

Mother's Day I

Mother's Day II